name: Ellis Casper

born: 1784

died: 1862

profession: watch and clock maker

wife: Elizabeth Miriam Nathan 1783 – 1868

father: Asher Caspar (Eliyahu Ben Asher)  1762 – 1845

mother: Sarah Rodish 1770 – 1840

siblings: Nathaniel, Grace, Rebecca, Hannah, Jane, Esther, Elizabeth

children: Sarah, Harriet, Ellen, Lewin, Natham, Henry, Grace, Edward, Rose, George, Matilda

religion: Jewish.  Attended the Bevis Marks Synagogue off Bury Street, London. It is the oldest Synagogue in the UK. 

Ellis helped build the Hobart Synagogue, the oldest Synagogue in Australia.

home address: 29 Finsbury Pavement, London.  It is now part of Mark’s and Spencer.

physical attributes when he arrived in Hobart Town as convict 5185  : Ellis is 56 years old, light complexion, large head, black to grey hair, black to grey whiskers, long visage, high forehead, black eyebrows, light hazel eyes,  large nose and mouth, small dimpled chin and a mole under right eye. Height 5foot 2 ½ inches

1839: 25 March Gold Dust Robbery

criminal record: Ellis’s convict number is 5185 -he is sentenced to 14 years for receiving stolen goods; gold dust.  He is transported to Van Deiman’s Land embarked 7th September, 1840, arrives 5th, February 1841. A 5 month voyage.

1842: with sentence of 14 years, he was assigned to the station of gang class for 18 months.

1842: 11th August 1842 his term of probation expires.

1842: 30th August 1842 S.bay (presumably sickbay).

Date unknown – he was put into solitary confinement for six days for insolence and neglect of duty.

1842: June he became a Javelin man, perhaps assigned to the gaol. Sometime after this he is put up for misconduct. Date unknown – unlawfully detaining a watch, he was discharged.

1843: Foundation stone laid for new Synagogue, the oldest in Australia

1845: 24th May, The Courier Hobart, securing stolen property

1845: The new Synagogue opens, Ellis was a contributor to the building.

1846: 2nd June – Ellis received his Ticket of Leave

1849: 30th January conditional pardon.  He serves 8 years and is now 64 years old.

1848: 1st January living at Liverpool st, Hobart (1848 census)

1848: 29th June living at Melville Street Hobart Town 1848  (robbery advocate newspaper)

1852: January Ellis retires from business and hand the business of Casper & son to his son Edward and son in law Henry Wolff  January 1852.

1859: 30 May, Ellis falls in the river at Launceston, two days before making the crossing (1st June) on the Black Swan. He needs to be resuscitated, he is 74 years old.

Ellis takes ownership of six cottages at Emerald Hill, (South Melbourne), called Victoria Cottages.

1859: Ellis is living at 238 King Street, Melbourne.

1862: Ellis dies. Cause of death – Abscess of liver, 16 months. He is 77 years old.

places of residence & business:

29 Finsbury Pavement, London – Clock and watch maker

21 Murray Street, Hobart Town – Watch and Clock maker, Jeweller, Gold and Silver Smith

31 Collins Street – Chronometer, Watchmakers and Jeweller