In 1862, when Edward was 37 years old he is mentioned in Ellis’s Will , along with George, 31, that they were living in Dunedin NZ, running an importing business.

Dunedin is on the southern island of NZ where a gold rush had opened up in 1860s called the Otago Gold Rush.

Prior to the Otago gold rush of 1861 five Jewish families had settled in Dunedin, the most southern Jewish community in the world, including George and probably Edward. In 1862, the congregation had a membership of 43. (source: Jewish virtual library)

George Casper

George was born in 1831.

George Is an active contributor to the local Jewish community and seems to be running a shop at the Australian House in Princess st. Dunedin. He later returns to his family in Melbourne although he is still in Dunedin in 1865.(source: list of electors)

In February of that year,(1861) George Casper opened his stationery, tobacconist, and fancy repository ‘Australian House’ on Princes Street in Dunedin… (source)

from the opening speech of the New Synagogue in Dunedin Otaga Daily Times 1880

Edward Casper

Edward Casper Casper was born in 1825, the same year as his sister and my Great Great grandmother, Sarah Casper.

Edward is running an importing business as stated in Ellis’s Will, had a Bond warehouse, and seems to be dabbling in real estate as well by the advertisement below from page 6 of the Otaga Daily Times, 13 December 1861.

He returns to London after a few years.

13 Dec 1861 Otago Daily Times

Looking down Princes Street, Dunedin, from the Bank of NSW, showing part of the harbour, the flat and the sandhills in the distance. There is a bullock team pulling a cart laden with boxes and cloth just about where George Casper had his shop.

Edward Casper in London

In 1866, in London, Edward Casper appears on the London scene, he has just bought the license for the L’EXTINCTEUR (source: Graces guide) PORTABLE SELF-ACTING FIRE-ENGINE also known as the Hugon Gas Engine. He later moves to 40 Finsbury Circus, just around the corner from Finsbury Pavement, where Ellis Casper lived and raised his family including Edward before being transported to Van Diemans Land 26 years earlier.

Edwards Hugon Gas engine

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