They are:

*Harriet 1810 – 1895

Lewin 1814 – 1842

Natham 1817 – 1817

*Ellen 1814- ?

Henry 1818-1819

*Edward 1825 – 1910

*Sarah 1825 – 1907

*Grace 1827 – 1881

*George 1831 – ?

Rosetta 1831 – ?

*Matilda – 1834 – ?

*alive at the time of Ellis’s Will

from the death notice of Harriet Casper. The Argus, Dec 1895.

CASPER.–At the residence of her sister, Mrs. S. (Sarah) Levy, 78 Carlton-street, Carlton, Harriett, eldest daughter of the late Ellis and Elizabeth Casper, and sister of Eduard Casper, London; George Casper, St. Kilda; and Mrs. E. M. Myers, (Matilda Casper) Yaco, (Waco) Texas, aged 86. God rest her soul. Minyan, 78 Carlton-street, 7.30.

1852 Ellis Casper retires and hands his business to Edward and son-in-law Henry Wolff (married to Grace Casper)

1853 August Edward Casper with Henry Wolff buy Belmont estate near Geelong, (3400) for £7,140 cash

1855 a robbery at their premises in Hobart

1855 – 56 Casper and Wolff insolvency case

1859 February Henry Wolff dies

1860 new insolvency case in Hobart

1861 December Edward is advertising as an importer and land sales/leasing, in Dunedin, NZ during the Otago gold rush

1863 Voter list, George, not Edward


1864 February the Great Fire of Dunedin. Edward had recently sold his warehouse which was burnt down in the fire

1865-66 Dunedin electoral roll has both George and Edward living at Dunedin.

There are 2 Edward Caspers, the other is a Sawyer (one who saws wood), who married a girl from Orkney islands and moved to Queenstown where he drowned in the lake during St Patricks day festivities

1866 Edward in London with the PORTABLE SELF-ACTING FIRE-ENGINE license.

Following: Otago Daily Times, 11 August 1866

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